1 December, 2010 | Country Club Media launches new corporate web site!

21 September, 2010 | Country Club Media online resource directory launches.

20 September, 2010 | Country Club Media launches production web site and communications platform powered by DB Technology Partners' V-Net hosting core.

About Country Club Media

The Resource Directory was developed expressly for the benefit of individuals and families living in exclusive Country Clubs and Gated Communities. It was created with the goal of maintaining complete user privacy while at the same time providing residents the opportunity to enjoy the unique level of purchasing power available exclusively to them.

In our focus groups we heard the same comments again and again from individuals living in these communities; they did not want to be inundated with emails, direct mail, phone solicitations and other annoying marketing techniques and they do indeed enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of special offers. In addition, they prefer to access information and special offers WHEN THEY CHOOSE.

With those underlying themes in mind, we have created partnerships with exclusive member and resident communities and have provided a branded version of The Resource Directory for each community. The vendors and service providers listed in The Resource Directory are invited to participate after either being carefully researched or in many cases based upon personal recommendations from community residents. Our goal is to provide only those vendors, products and services that we believe would be appropriate for inclusion in the Resource Directory and that would likely satisfy even the highest standards that members in these exclusive communities demand.